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To complete your registration, please click the button below to fill out the required waiver.

Thank you for registering for Bring a Friend Week!

So, what's the deal?

What? A free week of workouts -- no experience necessary, no membership required.


When? May 24-29, 2021 during all of our regularly scheduled group classes.


Who can come?  Anyone and everyone! Whether you know someone at the gym or not, if you're new around here and reading this -- we want to have you! 


What do I need to Bring?  You (in workout clothes) and a winning attitude! We'll take care of the rest!


How many classes are there?  In total, there are six. Monday through Friday and Murph on Saturday.


Do I need to Register?  Yes! Classes are limited so it's important we know who is interested. Click the Register button to get signed up.

Yep, it's as free as can be. 100%. We'll probably email you a few times later to see if you still want to be friends, though.

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