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Fire & Ice Contrast Recovery Services

Contrast Therapy Hot_Cold Recovery Services.jpg

We have both a Cold Plunge Tub and 3 Person Infrared Sauna to take your recovery to the next level! Offering separate memberships for these services as well as daily use passes!


Our Contrast Therapy is blend of sauna, ice bath, and breath work designed for full body revitalization— utilizing the benefits of heat in the sauna, combined with the invigorating process of an ice bath and the composure of intentional breathing.


Your veins go from constriction in the cold, to dilation in the heat — getting your body pumping new blood to all areas, and flushing out metabolic waste in the process.


Not only does exposure to the extreme heat and extreme cold produce an extended cardiovascular workout, but under the duress your body reduces lactic acid buildup in muscles, while releasing a variety of growth hormones and proteins.

Life changing! As I get older recovering from tough workouts is getting more difficult. The benefits of Contrast therapy have been amazing to my performance and general well-being. Oh and I'm sleeping better!

Bryan J.

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