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Athlete of the Month

Meet Ed Sanchez Perry! He is January’s athlete of the month. Ed has been doing Crossfit for about a year, and the CrossFit Destin coaches chose him for his hard work and consistency. He is also an awesome listener! Ed has a way of making people feel good when they’re around him.

Fun Facts About Ed

Favorite Food: "Mexican ALL THE WAY!"

Favorite Place Traveled: "Cuba-it's like going back in time."

Favorite Local Restaurant: Boshamps

Favorite WOD: "Can't say I enjoy any of these, but I think the lesser of the evils is Cindy. Give me a back squat or bench press any day though."

Goals: "I really want to nail down some rope climbs, T2Bs, and HSPUs."

Random Facts: Ed is a HUGE animal and wildlife enthusiast. He is especially passionate about sea life. On the flip side, he is a big prankster, and loves watching the Office. He is actually a viral Buzzfeed star because of this. ;) If you want your table to win the next Office Trivia night at Village Door, Ask Ed to be on your team!

P.S. Sorry, ladies, he's taken!!

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