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Athletes of the Month

Better late than never! Our athletes of the month for February were Jake & Stefani. These two are the epitome of hard work. They have put in overtime at the gym to become stronger, faster, and ready to compete.

Jake is constantly throwing up Gold Stars and PRs! He ALWAYS has smile on his face and is an awesome example of brotherly love for his gym family. If you need a friend, Jake from State Farm is your guy!

Stefani is our young gun super star. She has been putting in two-a-days and is constantly working on her weaknesses so that, one day, they become her strengths! She competed in her first competition this month, and she and her partner got 1st place! You can see her hard work paying off both in her workouts and her body. Check out her delts!! Girl got some caps on her.

Keep up the hard work at home and in the gym... while we can! We will make it through this Corona-time. We will not eat all the ice cream or drink ALL the wine, and we will workout in whatever ways we can until it has passed!

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