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Rowing Challenge Rules

Updated: Feb 6, 2020

  • You will divide yourselves into teams of four

  • You may have no more than one coach per team

  • You may only row during regularly scheduled class times

  • A coach must verify your rower starts at zero meters before you begin and must verify final meters when you are finished

  • First team to 100,000 meters will win a bonus prize

  • Winning team will have the most meters at the end of February

  • If you can't find a team, a coach will help you find one

  • Rowing shall begin no sooner than 5:45am or last any later than 7:15am, no sooner than 8:45am or last any later than 10:15am, no sooner than 3:45pm or last any later than 7:15pm. Coaches have the right to kick you off the rowers if they need to leave sooner.

  • If there are people waiting for rowers, you will take 5 min turns, beginning rotation with the person who has been rowing the longest and so on. Put your shoe in the line.

  • In the event that the sharing rule is in effect, members of the same team shall ALL be required to use the same rower so as to avoid multiple team members controlling multiple rowers.

  • Don't write on the Chalkboard, coaches will update the chalkboard. Do enter your meters into woodify every time!

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